July 27, 2015

Weekly Energy Newsletter



Thermal Batteries Provide Cooling Power in South Asia

Founded by Americans, Promethean Power brings a thermal battery system to small dairy farmers in India and Bangladesh.



3-D-Printed Drone Flies from U.K. Navy Ship to Explore Feasibility of Printing Small Autonomous Aircraft at Sea

The successful launch of a 3-D-printed drone from a ship shows a possible route to cheaper autonomous aircraft.



Nineteen-Year-Old Takes on Intel in a Bid to Make Computers Less Power-Hungry

Rex Computing’s 19-year-old founder has a plan to dramatically cut the energy used by powerful computers.



Why India’s Solar Bubble Can’t Last

Record low auction prices indicate an unsustainable solar rush is accelerating.



Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending July 25, 2015)

Another chance to catch the most interesting, and important, articles from the previous week on MIT Technology Review.



Recommended from Around the Web (Week Ending July 25, 2015)

A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.

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