July 22, 2014

Weekly Biomedicine Newsletter



Beijing Researchers Use Gene Editing to Create Disease-Resistant Wheat

Researchers have created wheat that is resistant to a common disease, using advanced gene editing methods.



A Chip Offers a Faster and Cheaper Test for Type 1 Diabetes

An inexpensive but precise method of detecting type 1 diabetes could be a life-saver.



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Business Reports

Startup BaseHealth Pioneers a New Kind of Medical Record

As medical data goes digital, patients gain power.


Business Reports

The Failure of C8 Medisensors’ Bid to Make a Mobile Blood Sugar Monitor

Many have tried to develop a painless, continuous glucose tracking system, but all have failed. C8 Medisensors may have come the closest.


Business Reports

23andMe’s Plan to Overcome FDA Concerns Over DNA Tests

The DNA testing firm hopes a more coöperative approach with regulators will get its business back on track.



Mathematicians Explain Why Social Epidemics Spread Faster in Some Countries Than Others

Psychologists have always puzzled over why people in Sweden were slower to start smoking and slower to stop. Now a group of mathematicians have worked out why.



Protect Society from Our Inventions, Say Genome-Editing Scientists

A species-altering technology is said to need careful regulation before being released into the wild.



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Best Tech Stories from Around the Web (Week Ending July 19, 2014)

A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.

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